Choice Work

A white pick-your-own produce box filled with light bulbs wrapped in red tissue paper to look like apples. Green paper leaves identify which bulb is wrapping in each individual package. A hanging boolet is attached to the box by twine; it reads Your Guide to Green.

DC Sustainable Energy Utilty

Design Choice created a promotional box of light bulbs and other small energy saving items. The promo package was given to restaurant owners and explains how the DCSEU can help them be sustainable and save on energy costs.

  • brand design,
  • creative direction,
  • packaging design,
  • brochure design,
  • icon design & illustration
A series of nine grey and yellow light bulb icons depicting the nine sustainable bulb types in the promotional package. The left half of the image is a plaid pattern made by the three colors of the DCSEU brand: green, yellow and blue. The right half of the image is a closeup of unwrapped bulbs that are in the promotional package. On the left is a spread from the small booklet that accompanies the package explaining savings in lighting and heating. On the right are two leaf shaped hang tags that label the devices in the package. Included here are MR16 bulb and Pre-Rinse Spray Valve.

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