Choice Work

The Gender Equity in Animal Rights logo consists of a word mark set in a rounded, mono weight sans serif typeface, in all caps. The four words Gender, Equity, Animal, Rights are rotated 90 degrees to have a vertical baseline. “Gender” and “Equity” are dark magenta and “Animal” and “Rights” are orange. The mark plays with the equal number of letters in all words by having the sets mirror each other: Gender/Equity, Animal/Rights. The two word sets are next to each horizontally but are not aligned highlighting that the animal rights movement does not put all its activists on a level playing field.

Gear Leadership Conference

Design Choice created the brand mark and supporting marketing and materials for a conference created as a call for gender equity within the animal rights movement.

  • brand design,
  • logo design,
  • web design,
  • marketing design,
  • signage
Four alternate logo marks, including color ways and different lock ups of the words. 1: Magenta with white wordmark; 2: 2-color wordmark with word sets vertically stacked; 3: Orange with white wordmark; Dark blue with white wordmark. Mock up of the stationary set including the daily schedule postcard, letter to invitees on GEAR letterhead, 1-pager info sheet about the conference, 3 buttons with the GEAR logo (one orange, one magenta, one dark blue) and the Brand Guide Lookbook showing an image of a cow with an orange overlay tint and the GEAR logo in white. A dark blue box in the lower right corner says Look Book. The background of the image is teal. A Mac laptop showing the GEAR landing web page with a full screen image of a smiling woman petting two piglets in a farm setting; the image has an orange overly tint and on top in white sans serif type it says “GEAR Leadership Conference June 27-28”. Mock up of the GEAR 1-page website with navigation menu at the top, the GEAR mission statement, description of the feature presentations and headshots of the four speakers and sponsorship information. Two conference signs, each leaning on easels. The first is a full bleed image of a woman holding a lamb;  the image has an orange overly tint and a large teal rectangle with WELCOME typeset in it in a san serif typeface. The second is a mostly white poster with the vertical variation of the GEAR logo and the daily schedule in orange and magenta boxes. Pattern of animal foot prints in magenta on an orange background.

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