Founded by women
working for equality.

Design Choice is a full service graphic design studio in Washington, DC. We work with clients looking to make the world a better place by embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors and advancing social justice or women’s causes. We invite decision makers to consciously choose women for marketing, design and creative work.



Branding & Naming
Web Design
Web Development
Advertising & Marketing
Publication Design
Direct Mail
Social Media Graphics
& Strategy
Content Development

Who We Are

Designers Becca and Stacey came together in late 2016 with the shared vision of a creative studio that celebrated, elevated, and empowered; Design Choice was born. By focusing on hiring and paying women at a rate equal to our male counterparts and supporting a client base that advances progressive causes and entrepreneurialism, our goal is to create a complete circle of equality and empowerment.

Our innovative, talented, women-owned and operated communications studio, is not only a strategic choice, but an empowering one. As we like to say, “Good design is not only a choice, but an instrument to change the world.”