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Communities Need Clinics

Independent clinics play a vital role in providing access to abortion care across the US. Design Choice has collaborated with the Abortion Care Network’s to outline the need for and celebrate the important work of these independent clinics. We’ve partnered to design multiple reports that show important statistics about care and closure in easy to understand data visualizations, and adapted these reports for use as a webpage and social media posts.

  • Publication Design,  
  • Web Design,  
  • Art Direction,  
  • Data Visualization  
A desktop computer showing the landing page for the Communities Need Care report and two screen shots of sections from the page, showing data vizualizations about independent clinics and access to abortion care.a data vizulaization titled: 113 Independent Abortion Clinics closed between 2016 and 2021. The vizulization shows a map of the U.S. showing which states have closed abortion clinics and how many clincs have closed in those state.A selections of four pages from the Communities Need Clinics report.The cover and an inside spread of the Clinic Wind Down Workboook, which guides clinic staff through the processes of shuttering.Two data vizualizations depicting that 34 independent clinics have been forced to close over the past two years, of which 74% provided care after the first trimester; and that independent clinics in states surrounding Texas have seen an influx of patients.

Support access to abortion care through independent clinics at

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